Rifles are usually custom made with extreme accuracy in mind. Shooters might use heavy stainless steel barrels, scopes with unlimited power magnification, and handmade stocks of graphite, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Triggers are usually set to a pull of only a few ounces.Precision sights are also a requirement. High quality aperture iron sights could be used, but nearly all benchrest events allow telescopic sights. High magnification scopes are generally preferred; magnifications of 24x, 36x, or higher are common when allowed. Generally scopes will have finger adjustments, to allow the scope to be easily adjusted for shooting conditions.

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You can try shooting either the 100/ 200 benchrest displines, groups, score or BOTH. Shooting group entails trying to put all 5 shots through the same hole. The second is score shooting. where a traditional scoring ring target is used. Benchrest shooters attempt to achieve the ultimate in rifle accuracy; records for single 1000 yard, 10 shot groups are as small as 5 inches, while 200 yard 10 shot groups are around 0.2 inches, and 100 yard 10 shot groups are around 0.1 inch.